Calgary’s Struggles

We are almost at the All-Star break and the Calgary Flames are one of the streakiest teams in the league recently.  After losing their fourth straight game to Nashville on Tuesday, the flames cling to eighth spot in the West with only a two point lead over two teams on the bubble.  Calgary is surprisingly third in the West in scoring (although six goal in their past four games means they are slowing down), they are second last in goals allowed, a complete role reversal of previous Flames teams that have made the playoffs.  Kipper has been average at best and is not close to his vezina form in recent years.  Hopefully the veteran presence of Curtis Joseph will help get Miikka back to his winning ways.  As Flames fans watch tonight’s big divisional game against the Wild they only hope they see a change, and a complete game, something Flames fans have not seen in quite some time.


2 Responses to “Calgary’s Struggles”

  1. I don’t see how having Cujo will help Kipper… Kipper is a much better goalie then Cujo as far as I am concerned. It is true however that Kipper isn’t up to the standard this is expected of him.

  2. flamesfan77 Says:

    Yes but Jamie Mclennan made Kipper a better goalie and he is not in a league close to most in the NHL, Cujo will provide leadership and a father type figure for kipper, as kipper likes to have a good time out on the town.

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