Sundin to Calgary?


There has been speculation in recent weeks that the Toronto Maple Leafs have been looking to part ways with their captain, Mats Sundin.  One of the more popular rumours involves Mr. Sundin moving out West to Calgary.  Is this feasible?  Signs point to Alex Tanguay as the Calgary player in the deal and he has a no trade clause.  Now that he has not been playing with Jarome Iginla there is speculation he is more willing to waive that clause.  Sundin also has a no trade clause, but signs point to him waiving it to go to a contender if the Leafs continue to fall out of playoff range.  The Flames would more than likely use Sundin as a rent-a-player thus giving him the opportunity to re-sign with the Leafs after the season ends.  Will they be able to afford both Tanguay and Sundin is a delicate question and depends what other moves they make.  As a flames fan I am excited to see Tanguay leave as his contract is huge for the numbers he puts up, but I do not think it is wise to make a trade for someone that will leave ship right after the season.  But with Cliff Fletchers history with the Flames a trade is a likely possibility.


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