NHL All-Star Not All it is Cracked Up to Be?

With all of the stars declining their appearance in this upcoming NHL all-star weekend it begs the question is it worth while for the league to shut down during the middle of the season and host such an event.  Big name stars such as Roberto Luongo and Martin Brodeur have decided to sit out of this years contest in Atlanta.  I myself will watch the game this upcoming weekend, but if past years are any indication I will be a select few that will.  With Sidney Crosby’s injury this will also take the biggest star out of the game. 

 Does the NHL need to follow MLB and make the game more meaningful by giving home ice advantage to the conference that wins in the Stanley Cup finals?  This will get more intensity into the games making them more exciting, but this also adds to the risk of injury to the players involved.  It also doesn’t create incentive to players that are not going to the playoffs that are basement dwellers at the All-Star break.

The break also delays the NHL season farther into the summer than it needs to be.  By June most Americans have some other sport they are following and will have lost interest in our playoffs.  Hopefully this game will be exciting and allow us fans to enjoy ourselves in a relatively quiet weekend in the sporting world.


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