All-star Weekend Off to a Slow Start


Today I watched a revamped NHL all-star skills competition and I have to say that I am thankful I pvr’d it so I could get through it faster.  The first event was a relay race/obstacle course that was worse than watching a Kings/Lightning battle of the basement affair. 

Next up was a faster skater contest that is now a straightaway, which I do prefer, but the outcome appeared to have flaws as two competitors that lost their respective heats were in the finals.  The traditional elimination shootout was fine but not as exciting since we see this on a nightly basis. 

The hardest shot was once again entertaining. 

I also like the youngstars game, but would have preferred a little bit longer. 

Tomas Kaberle proved once again to Leafs fans he should shoot more after going 8 for 9 in the accuracy competition.

I was also disappointed with the CBC broadcast as the cameras were sloppy and missed half the exciting plays. 

The final event of the evening was a judged shootout, a NHL version of an NBA slam dunk competition.  I liked the thought of this, but I don’t think the players were prepared to entertain as 95% of the moves were something you see on a nightly basis.  Thankfully Alexander Ovechkin spiced things up and Ryan Getzlaf attempted some moves, but for the most part it was weak.  Goalies should be forced to stay in their crease or even the use of “shooter tutor” nets to allow the shooters some space.

Hopefully tomorrow’s game is more exciting!

Here’s a 08 All-Star video showing this year’s players!


2 Responses to “All-star Weekend Off to a Slow Start”

  1. Anthony (Grka4) Says:

    Youngstars game was amazing! I would of liked to have a longer game. Like 20 minutes running time with a few more players.

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