Visors in the NHL?


With all the recent injuries involving players lately the debate has once again come up involving the issue of visors in the NHL.  The players now are able to choose if they wish to wear one or not , however many feel that it should be a mandatory rule to increase the safety of players. 

 It is required in all junior leagues and the players are used to it when they enter the NHL.  It is my belief that we should force visors on new NHL players, and let current players go with or without until they retire, much like the helmet rule of the past.

After seeing Al Macinnis and Bryan Berard suffer serious eye injuries because of stick and pucks it is baffling to think that players do not care about their safety.  I have not noticed a difference with, or without  a visor but this was is in a slower paced shinny game.

 Interesting Story Here

What do you think the NHL should do?


3 Responses to “Visors in the NHL?”

  1. I don’t think it needs to be grandfathered in. Look at Koivu a few seasons ago against the Canes in playoffs. He wears a visor but he had a nasty eye injury which almost caused him to lose his eye as well.

    Having reffed hockey with a visor and now playing shinny and rec without one, I’ve noticed a huge difference, my visor would always fog up making it difficult to see. Now I imagine their (NHLers) visors are kept in much better condition than mine was, but if I had a choice, I think I would opt to play without.

  2. flamesfan77 Says:

    I disagree, I have played Junior with a visor and rec with and without and quality visors that are replaced regularily do not fog or affect vision to the point of sacrificing skill. There are the odd cases where a visor does not help but the majority of injuries could be prevented, of course people didn’t want helmets as they said it affected thire performance but once you are used to something you learn to adapt, the stong will survive…

  3. But if you grow up with it, like all players do as visors are mandatory in every league except the NHL, I believe that players that want the visor will keep it on, and players that don’t will take it off. I think it should be someone’s own personal choice, and if they get injured then it is their own fault.

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