Selfish Sundin


Toronto Maple Leaf captain Mats Sundin has decided to not waive his no trade clause and remain a Leaf.  There is a good chance the Leafs will lose Mats in the offseason and will  gain nothing losing him. 

He could have let the Leafs deal him and then re-sign with them, thus improving the team without losing anything, aside from a few more games this year improving their draft pick. 

This is in my opinion selfish as he is doing what is best for him, not the team he says he cares so much about.  If he were a true team player he would consider a move, but this once again shows why he has never taken the Leafs anywhere.

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4 Responses to “Selfish Sundin”

  1. The selfish people in this case are the Maple Leafs and their fans who believe that Mats Sundin should give up parts of the contract that Toronto negotiated with him (presumably in good faith) because those parts are no longer convenient to the Leafs.

    Sundin has every right to live by the contract he signed.

  2. I don’t know how anyone could call Mats a selfish player. It was the Leafs who gave him a No Trade Claus in his contract. Mats has done enough for the Leafs organization and fan base to warrant having his no trade claus. Just because they are tanking doesn’t mean he should have to relocate against his will. As a veteran player and elite center he earned every bit of his contract, there is no way he should of moved out of Toronto.

  3. That’s a good point. But this league was built on trades. The Leafs have nobody to blame but themselves with “no trade” clauses. I can somewhat understand Sundin not wanting to move, but why he wants to stay on a team that is going nowhere fast when he could have been moved to a team that is in contention for a stanley cup??? He had the say too. Oh well, life goes on!

  4. Sundin has earned the right to dictate his own fate. Those who decide that he is “selfish” should look to none other than the righteous Leafs management panel. They negotiated in faith the NTC that Sundin has, and if anything, a lot of their players have this NTC.

    Hasn’t anybody thought that he loves the team so much that he would stick with them until the very end? Where is the harm in that? If anything, those others who have an NTC should be looked upon to move, not Sundin.

    Sundin said it best. “It’s not my job to clean up JFJ’s mess”. Well put.

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