McCarty Back in the Red and White


Darren McCarty has signed a one year contract with his former club the Detroit Red Wings. 

The three time Stanley Cup winner will spend a week or two playing for their AHL affiliate in Grand Rapids for a conditioning stint.

He spent two years in Calgary before coming back to Detroit.  He should add some grit and depth to their offense.

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3 Responses to “McCarty Back in the Red and White”

  1. I think the Red Wings are hurting right now and McCarty might help short term, but they are in trouble come Playoffs. Look for them to get bumped first round.

  2. Good to see McCarty get back. Although I hate him for scoring a ridiculous goal against the Flyers in the cup series he deserves to be back in hockey after busting his butt in the minors. Definitely glad to see an old school NHLer back.

  3. Jason how exactly are the Wings hurting? Yes they’re on a cold streak, but it’s short and they are still by far the best team in hockey.

    On another note McCarty was dropped from the Wings for a reason…I think it’s only going to hurt us taking him back. Yes we’ll have a grind line, but I’m not sure if he’s going to help us get any better than we already are right now….

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