Paris Played Hockey?!?!


Surprisingly, Paris Hilton did play hockey during her High school years. Well I take the plural back as she only lasted half a year but she did play. She played as a 17 year old at Canterbury School in western Connecticut.  She seems to have not been a star, but tried hard none the less.  You can view the story here. and no there are no nude pictures of her or lindsay lohan.


5 Responses to “Paris Played Hockey?!?!”

  1. maciverlisa Says:

    no way! I would picture her as a cheerleader but definately not a hockey player! wow that is soo weird, I would have never guessed

  2. onestepback Says:

    Thats hawt.

  3. tongue hockey?

  4. Awesome! She can check me into the boards any time!

  5. Penalty to #69, Clem Salcedo, 2 minutes for cross-checking and a 4 minute double minor for spearing.

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