The Day After


Well it is one day after the NHL trade deadline and the balance of power remains on the West, although Pittsburgh has put themselves in a good spot this year in the East.  The Penguins may have given up their future however for this season, especially if Hossa opts to test the free-agent waters.

In the West Dallas and San Jose both bolstered their rosters with trade deadline pickups in Brad Richards and Brian Campbell, while Detroit and Colorado both added to their defense corps.  Colorado also made a splash with the signing of Peter Forsberg who will help the Avalanche get on the scoreboard more often.

The surprise of the deadline was the trade of Huet from Montreal for relatively nothing.  Price however backed up the trade by posting an impressive win last night.

Who will be the long term winners?  We won’t find out until the last games are played.


3 Responses to “The Day After”

  1. There were some great trades made, that’s for sure! I watched The Sabres/Predators game last night and Bernier was outstanding! That might have been the move he needed to boost his stats and career.

  2. As a die-hard Stu Barnes fan, I am still skipping and singing. This may be his year to get etched on the Cup.

  3. flamesfan77 Says:

    Bernier was very impressive! That was a win-win trade for sure.

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