When Will They Learn?!?!


For the second time this season a NHL player has been suspended for stomping on a downed opponent.  Chris Pronger of the Anaheim Ducks has been suspended for 8 games after stomping on the calf of Vancouver Canucks forward Ryan Kesler.

It is the eight time Pronger has been suspended, but doubles his previously longest suspension of 4 games.  Chris Simon was recently suspended 30 games for a similar action but has a much worse history.

I feel that this it should have been a little longer, but I am glad the NHL didn’t give less than 5 games like many suggested.  It is still a vicious act that could one day lead to a terrible injury.

Video Here


2 Responses to “When Will They Learn?!?!”

  1. Couldn’t agree more – I am glad he was suspended but it should’ve been more than 8 games. I normally hate Jim Kelley but he has a good take on the issue in his blog at Sportsnet.ca

    When the league originally said Pronger wasn’t going to get ANYTHING I wrote Bettman and Campbell a nasty letter.

  2. As an Oiler fan, let me put my anti-Pronger bias aside…

    8 games seems fair, but it’s too bad Simon decided to open his mouth about the incident. He complains that there is star treatment from star players… well of course there are star players… it’s what separates the Prongers from the Simon’s.

    Pronger’s situation was different in that it was a reaction from Kesler’s entanglement. Simon’s was a premeditated stomp on a helpless Ruutu on the ice. Let us not forget that Simon JUST got back from a 25 game suspension after stick swinging Ryan Hollweg.

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