Toskala Blooper


Look at this shot from the far end against Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Vesa Toskala. 

Some how it went in, but at least he had the last laugh bringing home a 3-1 win and keeping the leafs in the playoff hunt.



3 Responses to “Toskala Blooper”

  1. As a die-hard Sens fan (and former Flame fan) I loved watching Vesa pull his best Bill Buckner impression.

    The colour guy in the American broadcast said “You wanna talk about a bad infield”.

    It would’ve been even better had the Leafs lost the game and then missed the playoffs by a point!

  2. Ouch!!! I coach youth hockey and have seen 5 and 6 year olds let in goals like that before, but an NHL goalie???

  3. Roman Cechmanek and Patrick Roy have still the best bloopers of all. Roy did his cocky “statue of liberty” thing and dropped the puck into his own net, while Cechmanek decided to put on his glove while the puck was still in his zone, and was subsequently shot into his net.

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