Ovechkin vs Crosby


Well this could get heated…Alexander Ovechkin is a better player than Crosby this far into his career.  I am not just going by his amazing stats this year. 

The passion and energy he exhibits each and every night makes him a joy to watch.  He acts like a kid in a candy store every team he scores, or even his team scores for that matter.  He has been more productive on a team with less talent than Pittsburgh.

Sure Sid the Kid is a great player as well, but I see Ovechkin as a more dominating physical player.  He is the new power forward who can level a player and then feed a sweet pass to a teammate or roof a snap shot top corner.  That to me is what makes him more valuable.

Let the comments begin…


2 Responses to “Ovechkin vs Crosby”

  1. Ovechkin and Crosby are both talented young all stars. As a Capitals fan, I favor Ovechkin although I refrain from calling him a superstar. Ovechkin recently reached two milestones. He became first player in the Capitals’ history to earn two 100-point seasons (2005-06 (106) and 2007-08 (102)). Let’s see Crosby (or Malkin) do that.

  2. I’d have to agree with you. At this point in their early careers, this season, Ovechkin has really blossomed on a team minus Pittsburghs supporting offensive cast. I’d still take either of those guys on my favorite team – buffalo sabres! Since they were knocked out of the playoffs this year, I believe I will cheer for Washington. They were impressive at the end of the season, and as the top teams struggled just to keep their standings, Washington is still peaking! Don’t be surprised if you see them in the Stanley Cup Finals this year.

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