Roy’s Suspended


The QMJHL has come down hard on the Roy’s for their role in a line brawl in a playoff game between their Quebec Remparts versus the home town Chicoutimi team. 

 Patrick Roy coaches the team and there are rumours floating around that he encouraged his son to skate down the ice and fight the opposing goalie. 

 His son Jonathan did just that, and beat up the goalie for Chicoutimi who did his best to protect himself and stay out of a fight he did not want to be in. 

Jonathan then gave two middle fingers to the crowd before fighting a Chicoutimi player.

I have always thought Patrick Roy was a great goalie, but classless person.  This confirms it.  And it shows his son is destined to follow in his footsteps.

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6 Responses to “Roy’s Suspended”

  1. The Broken Forum Says:

    Classless? Based on what? A few fights in his career? Gimme a break. Patrick showed nothing but class in the NHL. He’s one of the greatest goalies of all time. You must still be sore because the Avs beat the Flamers last night.

  2. flamesfan77 Says:

    No. His actions as a coach, his comments in the press etc etc

  3. flamesfan77 Says:

    ALso Brodeur and many other players have said Roy always put himself first and didn’t care about his teams…

  4. Roy is a very competitive player, that much is certain, but there are occasions where he pushes it over the edge and lets his emotions get the best of him.

    And ‘broken forum’, if you are aware of any history regarding Roy, you would know that he competes, he perseveres, but he is also arrogant and cocky, which as mentioned makes him classless at times. He was known for earlier in his career throwing up his arms at every save that came his way amd embellishing it.

    The younger Roy is no exception, like father like son.

  5. The Broken Forum Says:

    His actions as a coach are one thing…him as a player are entirely another. I honestly haven’t followed his career as a coach closely enough to say what his demeanor is…but I was a huge fan of his as an NHL player. He is highly regarded as a player and teammate in Colorado, Montreal and Quebec. Ask any of his former teammates or coaches.

    What he said in the press was only criticized by rivals at the time when he was a player so I’m not sure where you’re coming from, especially if you’re referring to things he may have said about bitter rivals such as the Wings.

    And as far as Marty Brodeur goes, he freely admits that he idolized Roy for much of his life. That hasn’t changed. Although he said he would never forgive him for the ’98 Olympics.

    I honestly think Brodeur is only still playing to get more wins than Roy as some kind of “revenge” and then he’ll retire.

    But Roy is Roy…love him or hate him the man is a legend. Classless? I disagree.

    See you in the playoffs…maybe.

  6. The Broken Forum Says:

    “Clem” I guess that’s where perspective is skewed. Roy was regarded as nothing short of a “god” when he played in Colorado (they named a street after him, etc.) and he always got cheered in Montreal when the Avs played there. So it’s weird to hear people regard him as classless. Cocky? Yea, I’ll give you that and maybe a little arrogant at times but the guy has the skills to back it up.

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