Well, after a solid 5-3 day I am now 39-30 in the week or so that I have been doing this.  I am gradually moving myself away from the average into a decent percentile.  I am just below 57% which is decent but I would like to be in the 60-65% correct range and hopefully today will get me there…

Thrashers vs Hurricanes-Carolina is good at home-Canes win 4-3

Flyers vs Devils-Devils bounce back and win 4-2

Predators vs Blue jackets-Columbus is good at home as well-Jackets win 3-2

Canadiens vs Sabres-Sabres win 3-2

Blues vs Red Wings-Not even close-Detroit 5-2

Canucks vs Wild-Luongo is back but not going to help-Wild win 4-2

Oilers vs Avalanche-Colorado is back and ends the Oils playoff hopes, work on that golf swing Oilers-Avs win 5-2

Sharks vs Ducks-Boucher in net means Anaheim wins easily 4-2


One Response to “Predictions”

  1. I still believe! Lets go Oilers!

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