Crisis in Cowtown


Before I begin let me make clear that I am a huge Flames fan and have been since birth.  I am not a “bandwagon jumper” and supported the team throughout their lengthy playoff absences.

Now that I have that out of the way I am going to state that the Flames will not make it far at all this post season if they continue to play as they have.  They are not going to get home ice for the playoffs and unless they finish 6th and play Minnesota, will be golfing two weeks after the Oilers.

The team has no identity and no chemistry.  Last nights humiliating loss was a clear example of how they Flames cannot seem to get three solid lines going.  If one line performs, two others do not and you need all three (or four) clicking to have a shot.  Calgary doesn’t. 

Now I hope I am wrong and would love to admit it, but I don;t think that will be happening.


One Response to “Crisis in Cowtown”

  1. All biases aside.

    I understand your frustration. Calgary needs to have do the “extra” thing at times in order to win these games. Be it secondary scoring, a fight, or just plain agitating the opposition, sometimes winning the game is more about simply scoring.

    I know you are an avid supporter, so am I regarding the Oil, and I can respect the rivalry and the differences. Calgary has done an awesome job in keeping core players, but in terms of chemistry, it still leaves much to be desired.

    On the flipside, Edmonton fans didn’t expect the Oil to make it this year, no one had that expectation, this was to be a rebuilding year. We knew that after going 2-20 down the stretch last season after losing Smyth, and even moreso, seeing how they played recently, it gives us something to be excited about.

    You should be excited too. Cgy has key core players signed, and can be a contender for a long time given some work. It has a lot to be proud of in that their players want to stay. Now the task I guess lies in mgt as well as the players to ensure they go far, and do the “Extra” things to make it.

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