I am now 49-37, and hope to improve with 9 games tonight.

 Devils vs Islanders-Devils need to win to gain first-NJ wins 4-2

Hurricanes vs Capitals-Huge game for the division lead-Wash wins at home 3-2

Panthers vs Thrashers-Panthers win 4-3

Canadiens vs Senators-Montreal wins 3-2

Sabres vs Leafs-Leafs win 4-3 and eliminate Buffalo from playoff contention

Predators vs Blues-Must win for Nashville-They do, 4-2

Flames vs Oilers-Calgary responds after Sundays loss-Calgary wins 3-2

Avalanche vs Canucks-Avalanche win 4-2

Kings vs Sharks-Kings lose but will be happy to remain last for the lottery spot-Sharks win 4-2


One Response to “Predictions”

  1. The game of the year buddy. I think after recent events with the Oil fan being beaten in downtown Cgy, the Oil will find motivation to beat Cgy tonight in Rexall, and I’m going to the game! Woohoo!

    My prediction is 5-4 Edm. I think the goaltenders are gonna have a night off.

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