Thank you Edmonton


Last night was a very weird feeling for me; I cheered for the Edmonton Oilers.  Yes, i will admit it.  I guarantee almost every Flames fan was secretly, as an Oilers win guaranteed an early tee time for the Vancouver Canucks, and a post-season bid for the Flames.

I found myself in shock yelling when Edmonton scored, and bitching about the officiating.  Did Vancouver really need eight powerplays, including a five minute major to the oilers four (with two at the very end of the game)?

I am sure that is the last time I will ever say thank you to Edmonton, and i hope the weather improves so you can get an early tee-time!


4 Responses to “Thank you Edmonton”

  1. oilgirl Says:

    Good on the Oilers for taking down the Canucks…but am a little disappointed that the Flames didn’t also get eliminated

    The Canucks were boring hockey in the first round against Dallas last year…wouldn’t want to have to sit thru play off hockey like that again

    Wonder how the Canucks will play on Saturday night…will they even come to play??

  2. oilgirl Says:

    4 – 1 end of the second for Calgary…guess Vancouver decided against playing after all

  3. i have ta say something, not to hound…………..i am originally from couver, now live in the big Ed, and still havent cheerd for the flames. sorry 😦

  4. oilgirl Says:

    Loooooool I wasn’t cheering for them….never cheered for them either…only when we needed them to help out with our standings…..but that was useless…

    I hate the Sharks but want them to douse those flames out in 4


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