Western Conference Playoff Preview

Detroit vs Nashville:

Everyone thinks Detroit will run over Nashville, but Detroit has had problems in the playoffs in recent years.  Nashville also has been hot down the stretch.  I predict Detroit, but in 6.

San Jose vs Calgary:

Well you may think I made this choice because I am a homer, but I will give my rationale.  The Flames won the season series 3-1, with victories twice in San Jose.  San Jose has been hot since acquiring Campbell, but Campbell is not a solid playoff performer.  The same could be said about the Sharks as they have struggled in recent years.  Kipper also loves to play well against the team that gave up on him.  I say Calgary in 6.

Minnesota vs Colorado:

This is an even match up, but I think Colorado has been the better team when healthy, which they are(besides season ending injuries).  Minnesota will try and trap, but Sakic and Forsberg will be too much and Colorado will win in 6.

Anaheim vs Dallas:

This should be a great series.  Unless Turco stands on his head Anaheim will be too strong to overcome.  They have been hot since they got their two veterans back, and Gigeure is a great playoff goalie.  Anaheim wins in 6.


5 Responses to “Western Conference Playoff Preview”

  1. Go Ducks! I agree with your predictions.

  2. Go Flames Go!

  3. I think we’ll see a better turn out this year for The Sharks and Stars than in previous playoff years. Also watch Nashville, I think they can give aging Detroit more than they can handle.

  4. Scrooge McDuck Says:

    Go Flames!?!?

  5. rocksandchairs Says:

    I’ve been going around trying to find good advice to make my fantasy hockey picks. Your article helps a lot. I agree with you 100% about Detroit!! Another site I found that has some good info on the <a href=”http://www.hockey.com/hockey-blogs/nhl-news/872-2008-nhl-playoff-predictionswestern-conference-opening-round.aspx” western conference is Hockey.com

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