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Visors in the NHL?

Posted in Al Macinnis, Bryan Berard, Hockey with tags , , , , on February 15, 2008 by flamesfan77


With all the recent injuries involving players lately the debate has once again come up involving the issue of visors in the NHL.  The players now are able to choose if they wish to wear one or not , however many feel that it should be a mandatory rule to increase the safety of players. 

 It is required in all junior leagues and the players are used to it when they enter the NHL.  It is my belief that we should force visors on new NHL players, and let current players go with or without until they retire, much like the helmet rule of the past.

After seeing Al Macinnis and Bryan Berard suffer serious eye injuries because of stick and pucks it is baffling to think that players do not care about their safety.  I have not noticed a difference with, or without  a visor but this was is in a slower paced shinny game.

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What do you think the NHL should do?