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What a Difference a Day Makes

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With all the recent trade talk surrounding Alex Tanguay most thought he would not play another shift for the Calgary Flames after Tuesday.  Well not only is that wrong, but he got a promotion.  At practice Tanguay was on the Flames top line with Jarome Iginla and Daymond Langkow. 

Mike Keenan removed Kristian Huselius from the top line after his hot play had cooled in recent games.

The Flames decided to not make any moves at the deadline and feel they can contend with the rest of the West.  The only issue now is signing the many free agents that will be getting a raise in the offseason.

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Deadline Day

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Well today is the big day and the moves are already happening.  So far the East has done a few minor deals and lost some big names and the West has continued to improve, sounds like the NBA does it not?  So far we have Brad Richards going to the Stars while Brian Campbell is now a member of the San Jose Sharks.  In a surprise move the Habs unloaded Huet to the Washington Capitals for only a second round draft pick. 

I will keep updating throughout the day!

Phoenix gets Marcel Hossa, Al Montoya and New York  for Fredrik Sjostrom, Josh Gratton and David Leneveu

Toronto trades chad kilger to florida for a 3rd round pick

L.A. trades brad stuart to Detroit for a 2nd and 4th round pick

The wild acquire Chris Simon from the Islanders for a 5th round draft pick

Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis traded to Pittburgh from Atlanta for Angelo Esposito, Colby Armstrong and Erik Christenson and a 1st round pick

New york gets Christian backman from St Louis for a 4th round pick

Toronto trades Hal Gill to Pittsburgh for 2nd and 5th round pick

Matt Cooke traded from Vancouver to Washington for Matt Pettinger

San Jose Gets Rob Davidson from the New York islanders for a 7th round pick

Colorado Gets Adam Foote from Columbus for a 1st round pick+pick if foote resigns

Washington gets Fedorov from Columbus for ted ruth

Ottawa gets Martin Lapointe from Chicago for a 6th round pick

Carolina gets Ruutu from Chicago for Andrew Ladd

Colorado gets Salei from Florida for Skrastins and a 3rd round pick

Washington gets Huet from Montreal for a 2nd round pick

Dallas gets Smith, Jokinen and Halpern from Tampa for Brad Richards and Holmqvist

San Jose gets Brian Campbell and a 7th round pick from Buffalo for Steve Bernier for a 1st round pick

Florida gets Wade Belak from Toronto for a 5th round pick

New Jersey gets Salvador form St Louis for Janssen

Phaneuf Locked Up

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Fresh off a two goal performance in the Calgary Flames comeback against the Phoenix Coyotes, all-star defenseman Dion Phaneuf has signed a six year contract, reportedly worth 6.5 million a year.   This locks up a solid, yet expensive starting line-up for the Calgary flames that could lead to the trade of Alex Tanguay in the near future to clear of Salary Cap room. 

The Flames will have to carefully balance the remaining budget in hopes of being Stanley Cup contenders in future seasons, but with the rise of the Salary Cap in recent years this should not be an issue. 

Sutter will  now move on to locking up Huselius and Langkow who will demand raises next year.

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Phaneuf Close to Long-Term Deal

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It has been reported that Dion Phaneuf and the Calgary Flames are close to signing a long-term contract extension for the All-Star defenseman.  The Flames feel it is important to lock up their star before he gets an offer sheet in the summer that they would be forced to match, or risk losing him like the Oilers did to the Ducks for Dustin Penner. 

It has been rumoured to be in the 6-7 million dollar a year range, which makes Calgary have a very expensive top 7 with Iginla, Regehr, Kiprusoff, Aucoin, Tanguay and Sarich adding up to over 30 million already.  Thankfully the NHL salary cap has been steadily going upward which will give Calgary a little flexibility in filling out its roster in the coming seasons.

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Will Sundin Leave?

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With all of the recent rumours involving Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin it makes you wonder if he really would waive his no trade clause in hopes of having a chance at the Stanley Cup.  The all-star forward has always said that he would stick around in Toronto if they are in or near the playoffs, and the Leafs still have a good shot at reaching them.  But with his expiring contract are the Leafs worried he would opt to re0sign elsewhere after the season?  He has not lead them to glory like many thought Mats would do and with the new change in leadership after the firing of Jon Ferguson Jr. many wonder what is in store for the club with Cliff Fletcher at the helm.  Will he end up in Calgary for Alex Tanguay?  Could he move to Florida?  Will the leafs look for youth or an immediate impact player that costs less?  Is Sundin the only one on the move or could it be Tucker or McCabe  All of these questions should be answered in the next month and at this point, your guess is as good as mine.

Sundin to Calgary?

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There has been speculation in recent weeks that the Toronto Maple Leafs have been looking to part ways with their captain, Mats Sundin.  One of the more popular rumours involves Mr. Sundin moving out West to Calgary.  Is this feasible?  Signs point to Alex Tanguay as the Calgary player in the deal and he has a no trade clause.  Now that he has not been playing with Jarome Iginla there is speculation he is more willing to waive that clause.  Sundin also has a no trade clause, but signs point to him waiving it to go to a contender if the Leafs continue to fall out of playoff range.  The Flames would more than likely use Sundin as a rent-a-player thus giving him the opportunity to re-sign with the Leafs after the season ends.  Will they be able to afford both Tanguay and Sundin is a delicate question and depends what other moves they make.  As a flames fan I am excited to see Tanguay leave as his contract is huge for the numbers he puts up, but I do not think it is wise to make a trade for someone that will leave ship right after the season.  But with Cliff Fletchers history with the Flames a trade is a likely possibility.