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Hockey Fights 3

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Well, it has been a while since I have added another update to the hockey fight collection. 

Here is a compilation of the best fights of the 2006 season.


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McCarty Back in the Red and White

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Darren McCarty has signed a one year contract with his former club the Detroit Red Wings. 

The three time Stanley Cup winner will spend a week or two playing for their AHL affiliate in Grand Rapids for a conditioning stint.

He spent two years in Calgary before coming back to Detroit.  He should add some grit and depth to their offense.

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Battle of Alberta Back

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It had disappeared in recent years but this past home and home series between the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers has rekindled the hatred between the two Alberta rivals. 

After Calgary suffered through an embarrassing 5-0 defeat they came back to destroy Edmonton 4-1, and in all honesty Calgary’s win was the more dominant of the two.

The battle has lacked intensity in recent times, but with the number of fights, hits and all around chippy plays these past two games have created a dislike for the opposing team that has been missing for quite some time.

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More Hockey Fights

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With the popularity of my last hockey video I felt it was time to add another.   Fighting is a part of the game and those that disagree more than likely have never been involved in a spirited hockey game before.  It has a purpose as it helps to curb idiots from running around and wildly hitting people. Here is a collection of 5 great fights involving stars like Nolan, Comrie, Peca and everyone’s favorite enemy, Darcy Tucker.  Hopefully you enjoy them!

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Emery’s Struggles

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With the recent fine of almost $15,000 dollars, Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery continues to be a distraction to the Eastern Conference Leader.  He has had controversy with his Mike Tyson mask.  He was involved in a road rage case on his way to practice.  He was in a car accident that made him miss one practice.  He overslept for a playoff flight last year and now shows up to the wrong arena in Long Island and is justifiably told to miss practice forcing the Sens to have one goalie in practice.  He has also had tantrums on the ice during practice where he has broken sticks.  He has said that he has trouble getting motivated to go on the ice.  Newsflash, it is your job and you get paid over 3 million a year to do so!  Obviously being in a backup role this season would be hard after leading your team to the Stanley Cup final the previous season, but Emery needs to become a man and accept his role.  If he doesn’t Ottawa needs to do something about it to have a chance at repeating last years success.

Here is a video of Emery’s fight with a Buffalo Goalie and Enforcer!

Collection of Hockey Fights

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I thought I would change it up and post a video of some of the best hockey fights seen. 

As a former player and hard hitting defenseman I have been in my share of fights, and watching these guys beat the crap out of each other brings back fond memories of contact hockey in the past.

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do and let me know what you want to see in my blog!

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