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Phaneuf Locked Up

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Fresh off a two goal performance in the Calgary Flames comeback against the Phoenix Coyotes, all-star defenseman Dion Phaneuf has signed a six year contract, reportedly worth 6.5 million a year.   This locks up a solid, yet expensive starting line-up for the Calgary flames that could lead to the trade of Alex Tanguay in the near future to clear of Salary Cap room. 

The Flames will have to carefully balance the remaining budget in hopes of being Stanley Cup contenders in future seasons, but with the rise of the Salary Cap in recent years this should not be an issue. 

Sutter will  now move on to locking up Huselius and Langkow who will demand raises next year.

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Jamie McLennan’s New Life

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Former Calgary Flames back-up goalie and friend of Miikka Kiprusoff, Jamie Mclennan has found himself in Japan continuing on in his career.  That is quite the change of pace from Calgary and Florida, his two most recent NHL teams.  He now plays for the Nippon Paper Cranes of the ALIH (Asia League Ice Hockey) and talks about how different it is playing over there compared to his days in the NHL.  They’re home teams draw 3,000 loud fans and even cheer and encourage you if you let in a bad goal, a far cry from what happens in the NHL.  For more information check out his blog here.

Phaneuf Close to Long-Term Deal

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It has been reported that Dion Phaneuf and the Calgary Flames are close to signing a long-term contract extension for the All-Star defenseman.  The Flames feel it is important to lock up their star before he gets an offer sheet in the summer that they would be forced to match, or risk losing him like the Oilers did to the Ducks for Dustin Penner. 

It has been rumoured to be in the 6-7 million dollar a year range, which makes Calgary have a very expensive top 7 with Iginla, Regehr, Kiprusoff, Aucoin, Tanguay and Sarich adding up to over 30 million already.  Thankfully the NHL salary cap has been steadily going upward which will give Calgary a little flexibility in filling out its roster in the coming seasons.

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Calgary’s Struggles

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We are almost at the All-Star break and the Calgary Flames are one of the streakiest teams in the league recently.  After losing their fourth straight game to Nashville on Tuesday, the flames cling to eighth spot in the West with only a two point lead over two teams on the bubble.  Calgary is surprisingly third in the West in scoring (although six goal in their past four games means they are slowing down), they are second last in goals allowed, a complete role reversal of previous Flames teams that have made the playoffs.  Kipper has been average at best and is not close to his vezina form in recent years.  Hopefully the veteran presence of Curtis Joseph will help get Miikka back to his winning ways.  As Flames fans watch tonight’s big divisional game against the Wild they only hope they see a change, and a complete game, something Flames fans have not seen in quite some time.

Cujo Coming to Calgary?!?!

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There has been speculation that Curtis Joseph has narrowed down his short list to two teams, the Calgary Flames, and the San Jose Sharks.  Both of these options make sense as they have starting goalies who have the bulk of the load, and un-proven back ups who are not ready to play in the show yet.  Kipper has been overworked all year, which I believe is why he has not been in his previous Vezina winning form.  That being said, Keenan has traded Cujo and he is a hard coach to play for as a goaltender (King of the Yank).  As a Flames fan I would love to have him fill the void of noodles (who we should never have gotten rid of in the first place).  As bad as Jamie Mclennan was, he was a good influence in the dressing room and at practice for Kipper and I think Mr. Joseph could do the same.  Hopefully I can soon welcome Curtis to the true hockey city in Alberta. 😉