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Selfish Sundin

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Toronto Maple Leaf captain Mats Sundin has decided to not waive his no trade clause and remain a Leaf.  There is a good chance the Leafs will lose Mats in the offseason and will  gain nothing losing him. 

He could have let the Leafs deal him and then re-sign with them, thus improving the team without losing anything, aside from a few more games this year improving their draft pick. 

This is in my opinion selfish as he is doing what is best for him, not the team he says he cares so much about.  If he were a true team player he would consider a move, but this once again shows why he has never taken the Leafs anywhere.

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John Ferguson Jr. Back in Toronto

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Ok well not with the maple leafs, but he has signed on to be an analyst with TSN according to their website.  He will give commentary on NHL games as well as help out with their trade deadline special on Feb 26, 2008. 

His first appearance will be during the Leafs-Sabres game tomorrow, February 13th.

MLSE fired Ferguson this past month after he was the GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs.   He had been their GM for five years.

It will be interesting to see what he has to say about the Leafs, and any moves they will make before the deadline.

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Sundin’s Fate Decided This Week

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There is a meeting between Mats Sundin, his agent and new Toronto Maple Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher to discuss where the team is headed and what part if any Mats wants.  It is believed the Leafs are hoping the former all-star will be willing to waive his no trade clause in his contract, however he has always said he will stay in Toronto if they are a playoff team.

Detroit, Vancouver and Calgary are all clubs that have expressed interest in him.  But it is more a question of who is Mats interested in joining.  Hopefully the Leafs can get this resolved soon so they can concentrate on a playoff run, something they have not had in some time.

Here is a funny commercial about him from a few years back!

Ferguson Fired

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In a shocking move MLSE has fired General Manager Jon Ferguson Jr.  Ok, it is not that shocking, but it is something that should have been done much sooner than it was.  He will be replaced on an interum basis by Cliff Fletcher, who has had many years of management experience in the NHL and was GM of the Calgary Flames when they won their Stanley Cup in 1989.  It is not Fletcher’s first stint with Toronto as he was the teams General Manager back in 1991 until 1997 where he turned them into a contender.  Toronto is currently in second last place in the Eastern Conference and would need an incredible run to amke the playoffs. Article