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Fight Friday

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Here is a great fight of Joe Thronton vs Steve Ott.





The Hit That Changed The Series

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I would like to show possibly the greatest hit in playoff history, and I was lucky enough to be 12 rows up from the carnage.  Cory Sarich level the Sharks captain and gave the Flames the needed momentum to come back from a 3-0 deficit.


Video Here


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I just wanted to thank everyone for their support in following my blog! 

I managed to finish 5th in my class, which means I did receive the bonus.  I could not have done it without everyone that clicked, so once again thank-you very much!

First place went to a blog that is about music concerts and festivals, she did an amazing job.  I suggest you check it out!



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I am now 49-37, and hope to improve with 9 games tonight.

 Devils vs Islanders-Devils need to win to gain first-NJ wins 4-2

Hurricanes vs Capitals-Huge game for the division lead-Wash wins at home 3-2

Panthers vs Thrashers-Panthers win 4-3

Canadiens vs Senators-Montreal wins 3-2

Sabres vs Leafs-Leafs win 4-3 and eliminate Buffalo from playoff contention

Predators vs Blues-Must win for Nashville-They do, 4-2

Flames vs Oilers-Calgary responds after Sundays loss-Calgary wins 3-2

Avalanche vs Canucks-Avalanche win 4-2

Kings vs Sharks-Kings lose but will be happy to remain last for the lottery spot-Sharks win 4-2


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I am now 38-31.  Time to improve.

Senators vs Bruins-Boston wins 4-3

Kings vs Stars-Kings win 4-2

Flyers vs Islanders-Flyers win 4-3

Canadiens vs Leafs-Canadiens win 4-3

Capitals vs Panthers-Washington wins 4-2

Hurricanes vs Lightning-Canes win 3-2

Blackhawks vs Blues-Blackhawks win 3-1

Oilers vs Flames-Calgary wins 3-1

The Trouble with Toronto

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Once again the Toronto Maple Leafs have screwed their fans over at the end of the season.  The team struggles throughout the year, but then at the trade deadline wins a few games to give Leaf Nation hope, and then lose at the end to finish a few points back of a playoff spot.

 They miss out on a NHL lottery pick, and end up with a decent, but not great player, that sits in the system for years and offers no real benefit or solution.  They also never make any big deadline deals as they either feel they are in a position to make a run, or like this year cannot trade anyone worth while due to no-trade clauses. 

I personally hate the Leafs, but am starting to feel sorry for their fans who get their hopes up every year, only to have them crushed just as fast.


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.500 last night, lets do better…

Blackhawks vs Blue Jackets-Columbus at home 4-2

Wild vs Oilers-Wild at home 3-2

Canucks vs Avalanche-Avs win 4-2

Kings vs Ducks-Kings win 5-3