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The Hit That Changed The Series

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I would like to show possibly the greatest hit in playoff history, and I was lucky enough to be 12 rows up from the carnage.  Cory Sarich level the Sharks captain and gave the Flames the needed momentum to come back from a 3-0 deficit.


Video Here


Western Conference Playoff Preview

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Detroit vs Nashville:

Everyone thinks Detroit will run over Nashville, but Detroit has had problems in the playoffs in recent years.  Nashville also has been hot down the stretch.  I predict Detroit, but in 6.

San Jose vs Calgary:

Well you may think I made this choice because I am a homer, but I will give my rationale.  The Flames won the season series 3-1, with victories twice in San Jose.  San Jose has been hot since acquiring Campbell, but Campbell is not a solid playoff performer.  The same could be said about the Sharks as they have struggled in recent years.  Kipper also loves to play well against the team that gave up on him.  I say Calgary in 6.

Minnesota vs Colorado:

This is an even match up, but I think Colorado has been the better team when healthy, which they are(besides season ending injuries).  Minnesota will try and trap, but Sakic and Forsberg will be too much and Colorado will win in 6.

Anaheim vs Dallas:

This should be a great series.  Unless Turco stands on his head Anaheim will be too strong to overcome.  They have been hot since they got their two veterans back, and Gigeure is a great playoff goalie.  Anaheim wins in 6.

Thank you Edmonton

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Last night was a very weird feeling for me; I cheered for the Edmonton Oilers.  Yes, i will admit it.  I guarantee almost every Flames fan was secretly, as an Oilers win guaranteed an early tee time for the Vancouver Canucks, and a post-season bid for the Flames.

I found myself in shock yelling when Edmonton scored, and bitching about the officiating.  Did Vancouver really need eight powerplays, including a five minute major to the oilers four (with two at the very end of the game)?

I am sure that is the last time I will ever say thank you to Edmonton, and i hope the weather improves so you can get an early tee-time!


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It is now golf season for more and more teams.  I am now 60-37 after a perfect 4-0 night!:) I should start betting on some of this…

Rangers vs Islanders-Rangers win 4-3

Lightning vs Capitals-Most win for Washington-Caps win 3-2

Blue Jackets vs Red Wings-Red Wings take a close one 3-2

Sabres vs Canadiens-Habs win it 3-2

Senators vs Leafs-Leafs add to the Sens misery 4-3

Blues vs Predators-Predators stay alive with a 3-2 win

Flames vs Wild-Calgary has dominated them this season-Flames win 3-2

Stars vs Coyotes-Coyotes win at home 3-2

Sharks vs Kings-Kings beat the Sharks back up 5-3

Oilers vs Canucks-Oilers play spoilers and win 3-2

Crisis in Cowtown

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Before I begin let me make clear that I am a huge Flames fan and have been since birth.  I am not a “bandwagon jumper” and supported the team throughout their lengthy playoff absences.

Now that I have that out of the way I am going to state that the Flames will not make it far at all this post season if they continue to play as they have.  They are not going to get home ice for the playoffs and unless they finish 6th and play Minnesota, will be golfing two weeks after the Oilers.

The team has no identity and no chemistry.  Last nights humiliating loss was a clear example of how they Flames cannot seem to get three solid lines going.  If one line performs, two others do not and you need all three (or four) clicking to have a shot.  Calgary doesn’t. 

Now I hope I am wrong and would love to admit it, but I don;t think that will be happening.


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Well yesterday I went 2-0 to help move me up to 24-19, lets see if I can go perfect again…

Penguins vs Islanders-No Crosby? No worries! Pens win 6-2

Senaters vs Canadiens-Senators have dominated all year, but not tonight. Habs win 3-2

Wild vs Oilers-The first of two all NW games tonight.  It pains me to say this but, Edmonton wins 3-1

Flames vs Avalanche-Two teams heading in the opposite direction-Flames win 4-2


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Well after an 0-2 start I need to get better,lets hope these help…

Leafs vs Islanders-Injuries are killing both teams but i think Toronto will take it missing Sundin and Antropov Toronto 5-3

Penquins vs Rangers-Penguins are hot-Pens win 5-2

Thrashers vs Flyers-Two struggling teams- Flyers win 4-2

Flames vs Blue Jackets- Two desperate teams-Flames win 3-1

Blues vs Canadiens-Not even close-Montreal wins 4-1

Capitals vs Predators- Both on the outside looking in-Caps win 4-2

Coyotes vs Oilers- Oil are hot-Oilers win 3-2

Sharks vs Kings- Sharks continue road streak-Sharks 5-2