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Fight Friday

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Here is a great fight of Joe Thronton vs Steve Ott.





Roy’s Suspended

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The QMJHL has come down hard on the Roy’s for their role in a line brawl in a playoff game between their Quebec Remparts versus the home town Chicoutimi team. 

 Patrick Roy coaches the team and there are rumours floating around that he encouraged his son to skate down the ice and fight the opposing goalie. 

 His son Jonathan did just that, and beat up the goalie for Chicoutimi who did his best to protect himself and stay out of a fight he did not want to be in. 

Jonathan then gave two middle fingers to the crowd before fighting a Chicoutimi player.

I have always thought Patrick Roy was a great goalie, but classless person.  This confirms it.  And it shows his son is destined to follow in his footsteps.

Story Here

Video Here

Fight Friday

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Sorry it is late but it didn’t post for some reason. Ruttu vs Tucker

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Emery’s Struggles

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With the recent fine of almost $15,000 dollars, Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery continues to be a distraction to the Eastern Conference Leader.  He has had controversy with his Mike Tyson mask.  He was involved in a road rage case on his way to practice.  He was in a car accident that made him miss one practice.  He overslept for a playoff flight last year and now shows up to the wrong arena in Long Island and is justifiably told to miss practice forcing the Sens to have one goalie in practice.  He has also had tantrums on the ice during practice where he has broken sticks.  He has said that he has trouble getting motivated to go on the ice.  Newsflash, it is your job and you get paid over 3 million a year to do so!  Obviously being in a backup role this season would be hard after leading your team to the Stanley Cup final the previous season, but Emery needs to become a man and accept his role.  If he doesn’t Ottawa needs to do something about it to have a chance at repeating last years success.

Here is a video of Emery’s fight with a Buffalo Goalie and Enforcer!