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The Best Time of the Year

Posted in All-star, Calgary Flames, Hockey, Iginla, NHL, Sidney Crosby, Stanley Cup with tags , , , , , , on April 9, 2008 by flamesfan77

Hello Hockey Fans,

Today is what we all wait for.  The NHL playoffs begin tonight and I can’t wait.  First, we have Crosby in his sophomore playoff performance.  How will he perform in his second matchup against Ottawa?

Then we have the Flames vs the Sharks in what should be one of the best first-round matchups. Joe vs Jarome? Sign me up!

We also have division rivals the Rangers and Devils and Avalanche and Wild going to battle.

Ovechkin makes his debut against the Flyers, while the Habs look to continue their dominance against the Bruins.

I know I missed some matchups, but they are obviously not as exciting…



Overpaid Ovechkin?

Posted in Calgary Flames, Hockey, Iginla, NHL, Ovechkin, Washington with tags , , , , , , on January 12, 2008 by flamesfan77

With the recent contract many may argue that Alexander Ovechkin is being overpaid, but is he?  He will be the highest paid player in the league at the age of 23 next year, and will have 124 million coming hsi way thanks to Ted Leonsis.  Alex is currently 9th in NHL scoring and beat out Sidney Crosby for the Calder.  Does this justify his 9.5 million a year contract?  Does this deserve a 13 year deal?  Look how well Mr. Yashin did with a similar deal of this magnitude.  Injuries could also severly negate this, but in the end, if the caps win a Stanley Cup he will be worth every penny.   But this fan would rather have Sid the Kid or Jarome on his team any day of the week over Alexander the Great, even if they weren’t saving me money.