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Last day of the regular season…

Hawks vs Wings-Detroit wins 3-1

Sharks vs Stars-Stars win 3-2

Rangers vs Devils-Devils win 3-2

Penguins vs Flyers-Penguins win 4-2

Wild vs Avalanche-Avs win 3-2

Blues vs Blue Jackets-Columbus wins 3-2

Coyotes vs Ducks-Anaheim takes it 4-2



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Well yesterday sucked.  I went 1-5, lets hope today gets better.

Ducks vs Kings-Ducks win 4-2

Blue Jackets vs Blues-Columbus wins 4-2

Sabres vs Bruins-Bruins win 3-1

Leafs vs Canadiens-Habs win 3-1

Panthers vs Capitals-Washington needs a point to make it-They do winning 3-1

Lightning vs Thrashers-Thrashers win 4-3

Flames vs Canucks-Flames win 3-2


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After a strong 7-3 day, I am now 67-40.  Three days left…

Panthers vs Hurricanes- Hurricanes need to win and do 4-2

Islanders vs Rangers-Rangers win 4-3

Devils vs Flyers-Devils win 3-2

Bruins vs Senators-Senators win 3-2

Predators vs Blackhawks-Blackhawks win 4-2

Coyotes vs Stars-Stars win 3-2


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It is now golf season for more and more teams.  I am now 60-37 after a perfect 4-0 night!:) I should start betting on some of this…

Rangers vs Islanders-Rangers win 4-3

Lightning vs Capitals-Most win for Washington-Caps win 3-2

Blue Jackets vs Red Wings-Red Wings take a close one 3-2

Sabres vs Canadiens-Habs win it 3-2

Senators vs Leafs-Leafs add to the Sens misery 4-3

Blues vs Predators-Predators stay alive with a 3-2 win

Flames vs Wild-Calgary has dominated them this season-Flames win 3-2

Stars vs Coyotes-Coyotes win at home 3-2

Sharks vs Kings-Kings beat the Sharks back up 5-3

Oilers vs Canucks-Oilers play spoilers and win 3-2


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Well yesterday was a great day!  8-1 with my only loss a shootout….I am now 56-37 overall.  Heating up at the right time 🙂

Lightning vs Hurricanes-Carolina needs the win and will-Canes win 3-2

Bruins vs Devils-Devils win at home 3-1

Flyers vs Penguins-Pens too much, win 4-2

Red Wings at Blackhawks-Hawks win one at home, 3-2


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Well I went 6-1 yesterday, but I would have rather gone 1-6 with a flames win.  My overall record is now 48-36.

Penguins vs Rangers-Penguins win 4-2

Thrashers vs Lighting-Atlanta wins 5-4


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Well I am a little late so I missed one game and one other is 0-0 in progress but better late than never

Nashville vs Detroit-Wings win 2-1

Boston vs Buffalo-Buffalo wins 3-2

Colorado vs Minnesota-Minnesota wins 3-2

Columbus vs Chicago-Hawks win 3-2

Dallas vs Anaheim-Ducks win 3-2

Calgary vs Vancouver-Flames win 4-3

San Jose vs Phoenix-San Jose wins 4-2