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Thank you Edmonton

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Last night was a very weird feeling for me; I cheered for the Edmonton Oilers.  Yes, i will admit it.  I guarantee almost every Flames fan was secretly, as an Oilers win guaranteed an early tee time for the Vancouver Canucks, and a post-season bid for the Flames.

I found myself in shock yelling when Edmonton scored, and bitching about the officiating.  Did Vancouver really need eight powerplays, including a five minute major to the oilers four (with two at the very end of the game)?

I am sure that is the last time I will ever say thank you to Edmonton, and i hope the weather improves so you can get an early tee-time!



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It is now golf season for more and more teams.  I am now 60-37 after a perfect 4-0 night!:) I should start betting on some of this…

Rangers vs Islanders-Rangers win 4-3

Lightning vs Capitals-Most win for Washington-Caps win 3-2

Blue Jackets vs Red Wings-Red Wings take a close one 3-2

Sabres vs Canadiens-Habs win it 3-2

Senators vs Leafs-Leafs add to the Sens misery 4-3

Blues vs Predators-Predators stay alive with a 3-2 win

Flames vs Wild-Calgary has dominated them this season-Flames win 3-2

Stars vs Coyotes-Coyotes win at home 3-2

Sharks vs Kings-Kings beat the Sharks back up 5-3

Oilers vs Canucks-Oilers play spoilers and win 3-2


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Well, after a solid 5-3 day I am now 39-30 in the week or so that I have been doing this.  I am gradually moving myself away from the average into a decent percentile.  I am just below 57% which is decent but I would like to be in the 60-65% correct range and hopefully today will get me there…

Thrashers vs Hurricanes-Carolina is good at home-Canes win 4-3

Flyers vs Devils-Devils bounce back and win 4-2

Predators vs Blue jackets-Columbus is good at home as well-Jackets win 3-2

Canadiens vs Sabres-Sabres win 3-2

Blues vs Red Wings-Not even close-Detroit 5-2

Canucks vs Wild-Luongo is back but not going to help-Wild win 4-2

Oilers vs Avalanche-Colorado is back and ends the Oils playoff hopes, work on that golf swing Oilers-Avs win 5-2

Sharks vs Ducks-Boucher in net means Anaheim wins easily 4-2


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Today I will attempt to predict tonight’s two games in the NHL.  I only have two games so it is a nice slow night to begin, and I will continue this for the rest of the year.  Scores don’t count but I will include it anyway.

Game #1 Minnesota vs Colorado-Prediction: Colorado 4-2  They get Foote and Forsberg back and have been hot since the deadline.

Game #2 Phoenix vs Vancouver-Prediction: Phoenix 3-1  The Coyotes shut them out 2-0 a week ago and Vancouver has been struggling, barely beating Dallas’ backup goalie on Saturday.  They also can gain ground on the last spot in the West

What do you think?

The Wild Wild NW

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With less than a dozen games remaining in the NHL season the NW division is once again proving to be the most competitive in the NHL.  Three teams are tied for the division lead and only one is not going to make the playoffs at this point.

If the playoffs started today 4 of the 8 teams would be from the NW division.  Calgary, Colorado and Minnesota are all tied at 84 points with Vancouver sitting only two points back.  Only Edmonton would be on the outside looking in with a respectable 75 points.

This means that the final 10 or less games are more important than ever, and to add to the excitement 95% of the games are played between the division which means anything could happen.  Let the playoffs begin!

When Will They Learn?!?!

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For the second time this season a NHL player has been suspended for stomping on a downed opponent.  Chris Pronger of the Anaheim Ducks has been suspended for 8 games after stomping on the calf of Vancouver Canucks forward Ryan Kesler.

It is the eight time Pronger has been suspended, but doubles his previously longest suspension of 4 games.  Chris Simon was recently suspended 30 games for a similar action but has a much worse history.

I feel that this it should have been a little longer, but I am glad the NHL didn’t give less than 5 games like many suggested.  It is still a vicious act that could one day lead to a terrible injury.

Video Here

Two Stars Back Tonight

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Both Sidney Crosby and Peter Forsberg will be returning to the game tonight. 

Sid the kid had been out since January with a high ankle sprain and will join his Pittsburgh Penguin teammates as they take on the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

Meanwhlie out West Peter Forsberg will join the Colorado Avalanche as they face the Vancouver Canucks.  He will be a welcome addition as Colorado recently lost both Ryan Smyth and Marek Svatos for long periods of time.